Happy Belated Birthday

Well, I think I'm enjoying the new look of my blog.  It's not as pretty as before, but it will do for now!  Blogger has made some really great changes and you can now easily change anything with the click of a button.  Before you had to fiddle with html codes and that was a nightmare since I don't speak that language!  But anyhoo, on to today's topic.  I just realized that my little blog has turned 1 on July 4!  Happy Birthday Blog!  I hope you followers out there enjoy my blog as much as I do.  I hope the next year brings some new and exciting news, projects and all around goodness.  Happy hooking!

Under Construction

So apparently my background isn't going to available anymore :o(  I'm not sure why.  I found at The Custest Blog on the Block.  They offered quite a few awesome designs, but I received a message telling me that it will no longer be available.  I tried visiting the website and it was unresponsive.  So hopefully my quest for a new design doesn't turn everything topsy turvy.  Wish me luck...

Checking In

Hello fellow crocheters, I'm just checking in!
I noticed that my last post was in April *eeeek* Sorry!
But life is busy with two little ones and all this warm weather keeps them going like Energizer Bunnies!  I'm still working on the two afghans (one giant ripple/wave, one medium round ripple) posted about earlier, they seem to be never-ending.  I remember why I love small projects so much!  Besides working on the afghans, my skills have been commissioned by some lovely family members and friends.  The request?  Dishcloths and towel toppers!  Aaaah, so wonderful to finish a project in one sitting!  I didn't take pics of most of them, I just finished them and they were out the door.  But I am making some for myself and I will post some pics when I have a chance.  I absolutely LOVE this dishcloth pattern using Tunisian crochet.  I am totally new to this technique and I was 'hooked' on it right away.  Sorry for the horrible pun, I couldn't resist hahaha! If you have never used this technique before, please don't be afraid to try it.  It is incredibly easy and the end result is fantastic.  Here is the link to the pattern, Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth.  There is no picture on this website unfortunately, but if you are a Ravelry member, here is the Ravelry link, Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth.
I really hope you try it out, it is so addictive.  The cloth itself when finished is very durable and great for scrubbing.  The towel topper pattern I am using is a cross between a Maggie Weldon pattern, Towel Topper and a LadynThread pattern, Towel Topper 2.  They work up quick and look great.  I am pumping these babies out like crazy, no wonder those afghans aren't getting finished *sigh*
Till next time, happy hooking, and have a great summer everyone!