Yarn Bomb!!

Hello blogworld! Lately I've been thinking about Yarn Bombs. And Howie Woo's latest creation has just fueled my fire! I see pics all over the internet of random public objects being covered with knitted or crocheted creations. I look around this town and it is BORING! I want to crochet it up a little bit, or maybe a lot!
There are lots of things to consider first.
1. Location!!
I want lots of people to see it and enjoy it. Maybe even confuse them a little :o)
2. The Public
As in any community there are the 'bad seeds' and I don't want my hard work being destroyed by people that weren't taught decency and respect.
3. What the Heck Do I Make???
I find myself standing in my way. As I usually do. I tend to have a roadblock in my brain lately when it comes to creating something unique and totally awesome. I think it's all of this cold weather freezing my brain!
There is absolutely nothing in this town covered in yarn and it makes me sad! It's a pretty small town so I have limited space to choose from. There's a nice downtown area but there are no fences to create a pretty flowery vine or whatnot. There is a nice park but I think this is definitely where anything put here would be ruined in a matter of hours. I'll keep scratching my brain until I find the perfect spot, I will make it my mission to yarn bomb this town in 2010!!! Any ideas are welcome!
Check out Howie Woo's latest creation at http://woowork.blogspot.com/
Happy Hooking!

Rotten Week = New hat for me!

Last week was a living hell for me.  I think it had something to do with the full moon.  Everything just seemed to go wrong, and the kids were a NIGHTMARE!  Since hubby and I are both out of work, retail therapy was not an option so I went through my yarn stash and made myself a new hat. It's a free pattern from Rheatheylia.  I love it.  It's very thick and warm!  The pattern was easy to follow and I look forward to using more of her patterns in the future.  This pattern is definitely not for beginners!  But I would recommend it for anyone comfortable with fpdc and bpdc.
Here I am being my usual dorky self, while enjoying my new hat...
This shows the hat from the top down...
And finally, a close up shot of the wonderful lattice pattern
The free pattern can be found here Lattice Hat
Until next time, happy hooking!