Work In Progress

Happy Fall to everyone!  I especially love this time of year.  I am a creature of comfort all the way.  Sweaters,  afghans, slippers ahhhh.  Anyhoo, this time of year is also pretty busy.  My oldest daughter just started junior kindergarten this year.  And in our district that means all day every day.  Some kids aren't adjusting too well to their new routine, but my girl just loves school!   With being so busy I have been neglecting my crochet :o( 
Not by choice of course, I'm just too darn tired!  I have a few projects on the go, and the strong urge to keep starting new ones. 
On my w.i.p. list I have, a ripple afghan, a throw cushion, a large pineapple table topper doily and a gorgeous cowl I found on Ravelry.  With the weather turning cool I have requests for hats, scarves and afghans.  And the new issue of Interweave Crochet has me doing cartwheels to start the cover project "Lace Canopy Cardi Wrap" (if you haven't seen this beauty check it out on Ravelry!), not to mention The Best Guy Hat Ever, and the Turtle Tracks Blanket.
What's a girl to do?  I absolutely love crocheting, and when I haven't held that hook and yarn in my hands for awhile I start to get cranky.  I feel like crochet is therapy for the soul. You somehow get lost in the loops and it is so relaxing and satisfying.  Does anyone else have a few projects on the go?  What are you working on?

Happy Hooking!