Floppy Bunny

Last weekend I was a vendor at a Shop Local event.  I just have the best time at these shows!
I have lots of inventory on hand since I am always making something and my speed has improved 1000% over the past few years.  But I still try to make a few new things that might fit that season more appropriately than bulky woolen hats and such.
So first on my to do list was a bunny.  I knew right away which one I wanted to make too!  Of course I am referring to the newly released pattern from 1dogwoof.
This particular pattern is well written and includes lots of pics.  If you are going to use homespun thick & quick, make sure you have stitch markers on hand since you will be mostly feeling your way through this one!

And the finished product!  I embroidered the eyes and added two rows of sc to the tops of the legs for some extra floppiness!
I just love this floppy bunny!  It worked up pretty quickly too, I will be making many more of these!  It would make a great baby shower or first birthday gift ❤
Free pattern available from 1dogwoof
Thanks for looking and happy hooking!!

Gamer Pouch

This past weekend we celebrated another birthday at our house.  My youngest daughter has turned 8! Sadly that means I am also 8 years older.  Time really does fly once you have children!
Instead of a party this year she asked for a new video game system.  Hubby and I found a great deal on a Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart included.  It wouldn't fit into any of the cases we have here at home and the store we were at didn't have any in stock.  Cue lightbulb moment.
I made this gamer pouch in under an hour!  It is very easy and you can make it any size you need.

Gamer Pouch

2 colours worsted weight yarn
US L 8mm
US I  5.5mm for finishing

Guage: 1" = 2.5 sc stitches
Finished size: 7 3/4" wide × 7" high

Holding two strands together and using large hook
Row 1: Ch 20, turn. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and across. Turn (19 sc)
Row 2: Ch 1, sc across row. Turn. (19 sc)

Repeat row 2 for a total of 36 rows. Fasten off.
Fold in half. Rows 1 and 36 should be the top of the pouch.  Whip stitch sides closed, leaving rows 1 and 36 free for drawstring.
Weave in ends and flip inside out, this will keep your seams hidden inside the pouch.

Using smaller hook, ch 70. Use darning needle to weave chain through top of pouch.  I wove through every other stitch.  Tie ends of chain in a knot, voila!    

Our gamer girl loved her gift ❤.  Use your favourite colours, add some beads, have fun with it!  
I hope you enjoy this free pattern, thanks for looking and happy hooking!

Busy Hands

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day celebrations.  We don't celebrate it at my house because it is my oldest daughter's birthday!  February 14th is all about her.  My husband and I go out a few weeks afterwards for a date night.  Honestly though, he shows me so much love everyday that we don't need a special day to tell us to do so. 
So last week I was busy planning a birthday party for our now 10 year old.  I still can't believe I have a 10 year old!!!  We don't do birthday parties every year, but 10 is a big deal!  Darling daughter wanted an Emoji themed party, and here in Canada I was so disappointed in how difficult it was to find anything.  I went to several different stores and even ended up making some of our own games.  It was a great success and seeing her happy face was worth all the trouble. 
In the evening hours my hands have been busy finishing up custom orders for my shop.  I still have one baby sweater to finish, sleeves to be added to another baby sweater, a philly flyers beanie and a messy bun hat.  I have also just finished a braided earwarmer and mitten set for a favourite repeat customer.  I am truly lucky and blessed to be able to do this, if you have a gift or talent, USE it!

Brave New World

Good morning!
Look at me updating two days in a row...I told you I was back 😉.  In yesterday's post I mentioned being a vendor at local craft shows.  This has been a great experience for me and I am pretty proud of myself for doing it.
I, like many crafters, have issues with social anxiety.  So putting myself out there is a big deal and takes some time to prep for.  Any possible scenario, good or bad, runs through my head and I have to imagine what I will do if this or that happens.  It can be exhausting inside my head and insecurities!  Luckily crochet and knitting certainly helps to calm my nerves and keeps my head busy!
At my first show I was surprised to see at least 5 other vendors (out of 25-30) that were selling crochet and knit goods.  Now when I signed up, I watched the vendor list like a hawk.  I have to prepare afterall for every scenario.  There was only one other vendor listed as having yarny merchandise so I felt confident that I would do well.  Imagine my shock when everyone was setting up!
Lucky for me my wonderful hubby who also happens to be one of my greatest friends since childhood was with me to help out.  He kept me cheerful all day and kept my coffee full ❤.  I did awesome that day.  My first show, a goal checked off my list.  I made lots of sales and met some great people.  I'm not sure how everyone else did but I left feeling pretty good and hubby was so proud, I even brought us out to eat afterwards.  So the next goal for me was to open my Etsy shop.  Can you imagine the torture I put myself through to prep for this big step😨.  I am currently listing on hand stock while I finish up some custom orders and then I will open that option for buyers.  I am also getting some more shows lined up for the upcoming months! I truly love this brave new world!

The Reclusive Crafter

So that is probably what I should change my name to!
Hello interwebs, I have decided to come out of hiding!  I hope you will all still accept me as one of the pack :)
With 2016 finally in the rear view mirror I am ready to be me again.  My original goals with this blog all those years ago was total world yarn domination, but life gets in the way.  The past few years seem blurred and oh so busy with growing kids and trying to find a peaceful balance among the chaos.  Rest assured fellow fiber addicts that I not once left the art behind.  It has saved my sanity most definitely and has helped pay the bills!
After some health issues (nothing life threatening!) and child care costs, Hubby and I decided it just made more sense for me to be at home. I have loved all the extra time with my family, being able to get the kids on the bus, be here when they get home, having dinner together, helping with homework, etc.
This has also given me the chance to follow my heart and do what I love the most, craft.  I have been selling my crochet and knit makes locally for 6 years now!  That is pretty wonderful and I am so grateful.  With the support of so many friends and family members I feel that I am ready to take the next step and have opened an Etsy shop for all my makes.  I have even started as a vendor at local craft shows.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I am so excited to see what this year has in store.  Also, I look forward to having the time to update the blog again with free pattern reviews and hopefully I can get back to designing as well!
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