Custom Baby Blanket

Wow look at me rolling out all of these afghans!  I have been a busy lady lately, with many thanks to wonderful friends and family requesting my talents for making gifts.   Hopefully when my girls are older we can set up our own little crochet business lol. 
Anyways, an old friend had asked me to make a special baby blanket for her friend who lives in Léone, France.  How cool is that?!  The colours were requested to be dark green and a darker colour yellow.  These colours are special to their group of friends, so of course I did my best to find the perfect colours!  I am so happy to say that this wonderful blanket only took me a few days to complete.  I have noticed that ever since completing the two giant never-ending afghans I worked on forever, I can crochet pretty quickly.  
I sent my friend a list of links to free patterns on the web so she could pick what she liked, and she picked  Baby Granny Three Ways .  What a great pattern!  Super easy to remember, but this was more dense than a regular granny blanket.  It wasn't so open and  'holey', which is great, you don't want those little toes getting tangled up!  The colours don't photograph very well and I apologize.
The dark green rows are the same pattern repeat as the yellow rows.  The middle row of each colour has  crossed stitches in it, they give the blanket a lovely unique look. 
Again, I apologize for the horrible picture.  I really should take a class or something lol! 
It's only a baby afghan so it is not super huge by any means, but it was the perfect size for a lapghan or even for someone in a wheelchair.   I plan on making one for my 3 yr old daughter, but I'll be making it larger.  And she wants it to look like a rainbow :o) 
And now it's off to Léone, France!  It's so cool to know that something I made will be on the other side of the world :o)
Happy Hooking everyone!