Knook Crazy

Happy Spring to everyone!  It has been absolutely beautiful lately, I can't get enough of the sunshine and birds chirping :o)  I hope you all have been receiving great weather also.  
I have been an avid crocheter for almost 11 years now.  I love every loopy stitch, and I love to challenge myself with new techniques.  I have not been so successful in my attempt at knitting however.  Those long needles are too awkward and my stitches always fall off the points, and the stitches seem to be kind of backwards compared to good ol'crochet.  Until now!!  I have seen this wonderful product advertised for months, and finally found it at my local Walmart.  The Knook!

I've had it for about a month now, and haven't been able to put it down.  I'm actually truly knitting!  Not in the traditional way, but in a way that works for me.  I cannot even describe in words how happy this makes me!  Leisure Arts also has lots of instructional videos for left and right handers to get you started.   Including cables, knooking in the round, increasing and decreasing, as well as basic garter, stockinette and knit stitches. Knook Videos They offer a few basic projects in the included booklet, but I wasn't satisfied with something so basic of course.  I went right for it and found a nice easy knit pattern on Ravelry for a cute little fuzzy lamb.  Fuzzy Mitten Lamb   I finished it in a few days, and have been knooking a sweet little sweater to go with it. Sally's Sweater.   The lamb took more concentration being my first official project.  The sweater however is absolutely hypnotic, just stockinette stitch.  So relaxing!  There is an advanced beginner kit also available that includes different size knooks and longer knook cords for bigger projects.  I might just try my hand at making my own knook hook!  And I can't wait to try knooking some socks :o)  I could honestly talk about knooking all day long lol.  You must try this product, you will not be disappointed!