Let it Snow!

Well, as I promised myself a few weeks ago, I have finished the booby pillow thank frickn god!!!!!  Actually, I still have to stuff the 'boobs' and attach them to the pillow form.  But before I can do that I have to find some brown latex baby bottle nipples.  Hahaha boobs...I'm sure my B.I.L. will love it :) I will post pics as soon as the finishing touches are complete.
Snow? Snow you say?  It has snowed here a few times now, but none of it has stayed. I'm making my bestest friend some snowflakes for her pretty Xmas tree.  I have two done, and I plan on making at least 4 more with different patterns, no two snowflakes are alike after all.  I haven't starched these two yet but was itching to post something, so here they are in all their glory.

Chain Loop Snowflake, this one is my fave so far, its just so pretty!
Chain Loop Snowflake0001

And here is the Open Loop Snowflake
The pattern is here Snowflakes
Happy Holidays!

Star Stuffie

Last night I finished up my very own Star Stuffie for my youngest daughter. I embroidered a little face on one side and she just loves staring at it. She's nine months old so I couldn't use buttons or beads that could be chewed or pulled off. I think it is so cute, it worked up really fast and the pattern was very easy to follow.
Star Stuffie
The pattern is courtesy of April Draven's Star Stuffie . She has lots of other great patterns on her blog too, check it out!

Gingerbread Man

Happy December to everyone! I love December, not because of Christmas and all of the holiday spirit. My birthday is in a few days! I also love how beautiful freshly fallen snow looks as it clings to evergreens and hugs the edges of your windowsills. Christmas is also great, not because of presents (don't get me wrong, I love presents!), but it brings families together, and mostly everyone is in a good mood. Mostly. We all have at least one Scrooge or Grinch in the family! On today's post topic, I made my oldest daughter this cute little Gingerbread Man Amigurumi. The pattern is available for free here, Gleeful Gingerbread Man . It was super easy to make, and my daughter loves him! I did change a few details to suit my own liking. And also I didn't have a lighter shade of brown, so it can be a difficult to see his little eyes. So I have a close up pic so you can see his face better. I apologize in advance for the not so great photography, I have horrible lighting in my house, and sometimes the pics are great, sometimes they are terrible so please bear with me!!!