Gingerbread Man

Happy December to everyone! I love December, not because of Christmas and all of the holiday spirit. My birthday is in a few days! I also love how beautiful freshly fallen snow looks as it clings to evergreens and hugs the edges of your windowsills. Christmas is also great, not because of presents (don't get me wrong, I love presents!), but it brings families together, and mostly everyone is in a good mood. Mostly. We all have at least one Scrooge or Grinch in the family! On today's post topic, I made my oldest daughter this cute little Gingerbread Man Amigurumi. The pattern is available for free here, Gleeful Gingerbread Man . It was super easy to make, and my daughter loves him! I did change a few details to suit my own liking. And also I didn't have a lighter shade of brown, so it can be a difficult to see his little eyes. So I have a close up pic so you can see his face better. I apologize in advance for the not so great photography, I have horrible lighting in my house, and sometimes the pics are great, sometimes they are terrible so please bear with me!!!

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