Pretty Petal Pixie Hat

Hello out there fellow hookers!  Today I am posting a new hat that I made for my youngest daughter.  I am quite pleased with this one I must say.   These girls of mine have so many hats, it's quite ridiculous really!   But they are so quick to whip up and there are sooooo many possibilities, how can I resist?  With that in mind, I am going to start making hats whenever I possibly can and donate them to charity and to hospitals.
But anyhoo...I have tackled and succeeded in conquering the beautiful 'crocodile stitch'!!!   This one technique has been showing up on Ravelry for quite sometime, with a price unfortunately.  But thanks to the power of Youtube and a wonderful free pattern found deep in the corners of the internet it has been done!!  Now for me, the written pattern I found was a little confusing, but as soon as I watched the youtube video it all became so clear, and soooo easy!! 
I started fiddling with the stitch and made a beautiful neck warmer for myself.  It is all black to match my coat, so I didn't take a photo because you can't see the stitch definition.  So after that I decided to figure out how to make a hat. 

I started from the bottom, making my base chain long enough to fit around my sweet girl's head and starting working upward.  Now here is my trick!!  Instead of decreasing in the round as I neared the crown, I simply made an extra row and then weaved (wove?) my yarn back and forth to cinch the top closed like you would a hooded sweatshirt.  And voila!!  I used Bernat Satin yarn for the whole project.  I improvised the leaves (there are 3) and the cute little curly vine on top.  
My daughter loves this hat!  She thinks it looks like something that Tinkerbell or one of her friends might wear :o) 
Here are the helpful links that I used. Crocodile Stitch video tutorial , please keep in mind this video shows you how to start a neckwarmer.  With some adjustments you can make whatever you like!  But this video is super awesome at showing you this technique so check it out!
And this link, Crocodile Stitch Hat  is for an adult size hat.  I just made my adjustments to make it a lot smaller for my 3 year old. 
I had so much fun with this project, I hope you all give it a go.  The end result is worth any headache it may cause you!  If you have any questions I am always happy to help, just send me an email!   A big thank you to for posting the free pattern. 
Thanks for looking and happy hooking!!