Gamer Pouch

This past weekend we celebrated another birthday at our house.  My youngest daughter has turned 8! Sadly that means I am also 8 years older.  Time really does fly once you have children!
Instead of a party this year she asked for a new video game system.  Hubby and I found a great deal on a Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart included.  It wouldn't fit into any of the cases we have here at home and the store we were at didn't have any in stock.  Cue lightbulb moment.
I made this gamer pouch in under an hour!  It is very easy and you can make it any size you need.

Gamer Pouch

2 colours worsted weight yarn
US L 8mm
US I  5.5mm for finishing

Guage: 1" = 2.5 sc stitches
Finished size: 7 3/4" wide × 7" high

Holding two strands together and using large hook
Row 1: Ch 20, turn. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and across. Turn (19 sc)
Row 2: Ch 1, sc across row. Turn. (19 sc)

Repeat row 2 for a total of 36 rows. Fasten off.
Fold in half. Rows 1 and 36 should be the top of the pouch.  Whip stitch sides closed, leaving rows 1 and 36 free for drawstring.
Weave in ends and flip inside out, this will keep your seams hidden inside the pouch.

Using smaller hook, ch 70. Use darning needle to weave chain through top of pouch.  I wove through every other stitch.  Tie ends of chain in a knot, voila!    

Our gamer girl loved her gift ❤.  Use your favourite colours, add some beads, have fun with it!  
I hope you enjoy this free pattern, thanks for looking and happy hooking!

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