Floppy Bunny

Last weekend I was a vendor at a Shop Local event.  I just have the best time at these shows!
I have lots of inventory on hand since I am always making something and my speed has improved 1000% over the past few years.  But I still try to make a few new things that might fit that season more appropriately than bulky woolen hats and such.
So first on my to do list was a bunny.  I knew right away which one I wanted to make too!  Of course I am referring to the newly released pattern from 1dogwoof.
This particular pattern is well written and includes lots of pics.  If you are going to use homespun thick & quick, make sure you have stitch markers on hand since you will be mostly feeling your way through this one!

And the finished product!  I embroidered the eyes and added two rows of sc to the tops of the legs for some extra floppiness!
I just love this floppy bunny!  It worked up pretty quickly too, I will be making many more of these!  It would make a great baby shower or first birthday gift ❤
Free pattern available from 1dogwoof
Thanks for looking and happy hooking!!


  1. Someone directed me here for a "pink anatomy" scarf, I can't find it???

  2. You can find it here http://featherwingcrochet.blogspot.ca/2015/12/8-bit-penis-scarf.html?m=1