The Reclusive Crafter

So that is probably what I should change my name to!
Hello interwebs, I have decided to come out of hiding!  I hope you will all still accept me as one of the pack :)
With 2016 finally in the rear view mirror I am ready to be me again.  My original goals with this blog all those years ago was total world yarn domination, but life gets in the way.  The past few years seem blurred and oh so busy with growing kids and trying to find a peaceful balance among the chaos.  Rest assured fellow fiber addicts that I not once left the art behind.  It has saved my sanity most definitely and has helped pay the bills!
After some health issues (nothing life threatening!) and child care costs, Hubby and I decided it just made more sense for me to be at home. I have loved all the extra time with my family, being able to get the kids on the bus, be here when they get home, having dinner together, helping with homework, etc.
This has also given me the chance to follow my heart and do what I love the most, craft.  I have been selling my crochet and knit makes locally for 6 years now!  That is pretty wonderful and I am so grateful.  With the support of so many friends and family members I feel that I am ready to take the next step and have opened an Etsy shop for all my makes.  I have even started as a vendor at local craft shows.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I am so excited to see what this year has in store.  Also, I look forward to having the time to update the blog again with free pattern reviews and hopefully I can get back to designing as well!
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