Yarn Bomb!!

Hello blogworld! Lately I've been thinking about Yarn Bombs. And Howie Woo's latest creation has just fueled my fire! I see pics all over the internet of random public objects being covered with knitted or crocheted creations. I look around this town and it is BORING! I want to crochet it up a little bit, or maybe a lot!
There are lots of things to consider first.
1. Location!!
I want lots of people to see it and enjoy it. Maybe even confuse them a little :o)
2. The Public
As in any community there are the 'bad seeds' and I don't want my hard work being destroyed by people that weren't taught decency and respect.
3. What the Heck Do I Make???
I find myself standing in my way. As I usually do. I tend to have a roadblock in my brain lately when it comes to creating something unique and totally awesome. I think it's all of this cold weather freezing my brain!
There is absolutely nothing in this town covered in yarn and it makes me sad! It's a pretty small town so I have limited space to choose from. There's a nice downtown area but there are no fences to create a pretty flowery vine or whatnot. There is a nice park but I think this is definitely where anything put here would be ruined in a matter of hours. I'll keep scratching my brain until I find the perfect spot, I will make it my mission to yarn bomb this town in 2010!!! Any ideas are welcome!
Check out Howie Woo's latest creation at http://woowork.blogspot.com/
Happy Hooking!


  1. Maybe for a start, you could "Yarn Bomb" around in your own yard and if you have any fences or trees hang the animal raindrops from them. See how that goes over with the neighbors, and then maybe branch out from there.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, that would give me a good start!