So hubby was bugging me for a bookmark.  He's not the most avid reader, but whatever, I aim to please.  So of course it took me FOREVER to think of what I should do.  I tried to make a filet crocheted bookmark, but apparently I suck at filet crochet.  Well, to be fair I've never tried it before, so I didn't really know what I was doing.  I would love to learn how to do filet, I've seen so many beautiful masterpieces!!  But that's another story altogether.  I decided I would make hubby a manly square and add a chain and tassel to it.

That seemed to satisfy him.  At the time, I couldn't afford to go out and buy new crochet cotton, so I used my variegated orange.  I think it looks nice.
There isn't really a pattern for this.  I just picked a nice square that I thought he would like, and when I had joined the last round, I slip stitched to the end corner on one side, and then made a length of chains.  I cut the end of the string, and made a slip knot, then I cut off about 10 lengths of string, fed them through the slip knot, and tightened the knot.  Then I folded the lengths of string in half, and used the end of the slip knot string and wound it around a few times, and then tied it off and blended it in with the other lengths of string.  Whew, hopefully you can understand all of that!!  If you need any clarification just let me know, I would be happy to help!  

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