First Post!

So, here we are! I have to admit, I am a little excited about this. My very own blog, it took me long enough to conform to the world that is blogging lol. I lurk everyday in the blogging shadows, admiring the daily musings of fellow crafters, finding great patterns and recipes, and other things in blog world. So I thought to myself this morning, I want to have my own blog! I doubt that anyone will read it, but it's nice to have somewhere to share a thought, to escape from housework, and vent a little. And that brings us to now, my little baby blog. I took forever thinking up a name, and then changing it a zillion times. I still don't know if I like it lol. Oh wells. I eventually hope to post some pictures of projects, I have a 35 mm Nikon that takes beautiful pictures. Sadly, the digital camera I have compares nowhere on the same scale. It looks more like a cell phone picture. You'll see the difference! I will definitely post some links to my favourite places, and share my family with you. Chow for now

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