I just started crocheting my first pair of socks last night. I glanced at the pattern really quick while my hubby and I were watching t.v. I guess I should've been wearing my glasses. I had crocheted 40 rows of sc just to find out that it was all supposed to be in back loop, creating the ribbing. Grrrr.
It was frogged sadly. I was so mad at myself!! I am using a soft bouclé yarn, and I've never tried this kind of yarn before. It was pretty hard at first to see the stitches, but then I got in to it and loved it. I will definitely be using this yarn more often. It creates such a dense fabric. It will be perfect for mittens in the winter time! Here's a link to the pattern I'm using, I'll post my own pic of the socks when they are done!
The pattern creates a sock in one flat piece, and then you join the seams together. I still want to try a pattern where you begin at the toe and work up, but haven't found the perfect pattern yet!
Happy Hooking!

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