Wow, so much to do in blog world! I'm really getting in to 'accessorizing' my blog right now. I've been searching for the perfect template and layout, and extras. There is so much to choose from, I wonder if I'll ever be finished customizing! On another note, my venture in to the world of Socks, isn't going so well. My bouclé yarn is just way too bulky for this type of pattern. I've scrapped it after 4 attempts. And man is that yarn HARD to unravel! It's so delicate, almost like cotton candy the way it just separates from itself. So that's been taking even longer, being so slooooooow unraveling, and it just melts away from itself. I've been tying it back on, good thing the bouclé texture is so lumpy and crazy, my knots blend right in! I think I'm going to save this yummy yarn for some warm mittens!

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