Family Fishing Day

Well, here in Canada we have Family Fishing Weekend, every year in July.  It's the only time you are legally allowed to go fishing without a proper license.  So for the last two years my brother-in-law has gotten everyone together to have a fun day of fishing.  One of our uncle's brings his bbq and we all bring a little something to eat.  This year was great!  We go to a great little park with lots of prime fishing and a playground to boot.  So our oldest, who is 2, had a great time on the slides and swings, and watching mommy and daddy 'fiffin' as she calls it.  We were lucky enough to have Chris's mom watch the baby for us also.  Blue gill were biting all day long, and one enormous carp, I've never seen a fish so big!  I can't post any of my own photos, I lost my stupid USB cable for the camera!!!  So here's a pic of the water snake that kept swimming in front of our lines, and scared some of the cousins!! 

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