Saying goodbye is never easy.  Especially when you're saying goodbye to someone who's always been there.  My little brother has moved away to start living his life on his terms.  Moved  too far away for my liking!  He left this morning, and all day long I cried, and worried, and cried some more.  He moved about 18 + hours away.  So although he hasn't left the country, it feels as though we're oceans apart.  I just finally received a phone call from him, reassuring me that he has arrived safely and found his new home with no problems.  Although he did have a bumpy landing at the airport, he wasn't delayed for any reason, the weather is good, and now he is waiting to meet his new roommates.  He hopes to start college in the fall, if everything works out with the student loan people.  But I swear that guy has a horse shoe up his butt, it all seems to fall in to place for him.  I know he will have a great time in Thunderbay, and although he has only been gone since noon, I miss him already!

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