Wellllll, I am still hunting for the elusive USB cable. I have so many projects to post!!!
I am currently working on a purple themed Starghan for my second daughter, Madison. She was born in February, so purple is perfect for her very own special blanket. I'm really loving how quickly this blanket is working up. I want to make it pretty big, so I finally have a use for most of my yarn stash lol. My hubby will be thrilled about that! I made a continuous granny square blanket for my first daughter, she's now two, and the poor blanket is falling apart. This upsets me terribly. I am so careful to make sure that I weave in my yarn tails so securely, So this just means that she loved it to death lol. So after I'm done with little Madison's blanket, Lindsay and I are off to the 'string store' as she calls it, so I can make her a bigger, better blanket!
Here's the pattern I'm using for the starghan, I will post a pic soon of my progress!
Happy Hooking
Chromium Star Blanket
****UPDATE**** Hooray for technology! I finally can start posting my photos!!! So here is the starghan that I've been working on for Madison.

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