Are You Kidding Me?

Well, sometimes life takes a step forward and then two steps back.  For example, my husband is back to work, things are looking up, and then I happen to wake up Saturday morning to find my side by side refrigerator, freezer combo is completely room temperature.  Including all of the contents.  This is fridge number five in three years.  I'm sick of used and abused things!!!  So just when I thought the coast was clear, I have to up and buy a brand new refrigerator!!!! Hence the title of today's post.  Are you kidding me?  For real?  It seems as though every year around this time, something expensive happens.  That's life I guess.  Something is bound to happen when you least expect it to, and when you want it the least!  In crochet news, I am scrambling to get to the post office to buy a stamp so I can renew my subscription to Crochet World.  I love this magazine.  I recommend it to anyone looking for a good pattern source.  Also, I am working on that Queen Anne's Lace Scarf.  It's about half done right now.  I wasn't sure if I liked it while I was making it.  But as it's getting longer, I like it more and more.  I found a cute hat to go with it too, so I'm pretty excited!! Now I'm just hoping that my nice winter coat still fits after having baby number 2 last February!  Hugs and Stitches!

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