The Hep Hat

Hello blogworld, I've been a bit behind on my posts.  BUT I have finished my wonderful hat to match my scarf!!  Yay, excitement! I searched a long time to find the perfect hat.  I'm so picky about things its ridiculous.  I found a pattern on Craftster for a Swirls Cap, (someone else just posted it actually and did a great job), but then I saw this pattern for a Hep Hat.  It looked a little less time consuming, and that was the key thing for me! 

And here's the view from the top,

I made the whole hat in a few hours one night while I was waiting for the baby to go to sleep!  I finished the trim in the morning.   I've been getting tons of compliments on this hat and my bestest friend in the whole wide world requested one for her very own.  So we went to the local wool shop and she picked out some dark charcoal grey Patons Decor yarn.  It's a little bit different than the Bernat Worsted that I used, but so far the guage is the same, so no worries!  Here's the pattern for the Hep Hat I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! So now I'm working on my mittens.   I was originally gonna make some fingerless gloves, but it seems as though Autumn has just skipped right over us and winter is knocking on my door, so I'm going for the full coverage of some yummy warm mittens!  When I have them done I'll model the whole set! 

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