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I love working with cotton thread. The end result always looks so delicate, and people think it must be so hard, those stitches are so small! Ahahaha how I laugh at them, well not really! I find working with the thread very easy once you are used to the smaller size hooks, and the tension of the thread itself. I made this bookmark for my best friend Jen awhile back after we went to Clem's Book Exchange. The greatest bookstore in our area by far! Thousands of books, thousands!! And for a cheap price, that makes me happy :o)
Anyhoo, I didn't post it sooner because I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I gave it to her yesterday and she loved it! So here it is for everyone else to enjoy (I hope!)
Fan bookmark

Here is an ultra crappy pic, but it shows the tassel

Fan bookmark2

The free pattern can be found here
The first pattern is in Australian terms, but scroll down and the American/Canadian pattern is there!!!
Happy hooking!

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