Ravishing Round Ripple

Happy Monday everyone!  My hook has been on fire this past week.  I have finished the round ripple throw for my grandmother.  She had bought a kit from Mary Maxim and asked me if I would make it for her.  She has been knitting and crocheting since I can remember, but for the past year or so she has had some problems with her shoulders and it is preventing her from doing any repetitive motions.  I of course was happy to help her out, that's what being a happy hooker is all about after all!
I started this around the same time as my cousin's wavy blanky, I just kept switching between the two when I would get bored of such a big project.  The yarn that came with the kit is a self striping worsted weight called Serene.  It has the same characteristics as a bouclé, but it is much stronger.  I find that bouclé tends to have the consistency of cotton candy, well at least the brand that I'm familiar with.  The first few rounds were maddening, I was having trouble seeing the stitches.  I started to feel rather than look and that's when I really picked up speed.  It is absolutely beautiful, and sooooooo soft.  Like I said with my cousin's afghan, I have fallen in love and don't want to give it back lol.  The pattern is great and I really like the round look, so I know I will be making many more for gifts to cut down my ginormous yarn stash. 
Here she is,
The colours are a bit brighter than this picture shows.  It kind of reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream :o)
It feels so wonderful to finally be done these two afghans.  And of course I found a WIP in my closet to finish.  The chromium star afghan for my youngest daughter.  Good thing she's only 18 months, she doesn't mind how long it takes!  It should be done in a few weeks if I don't get bored of it!
Thanks for looking and until next time,
Happy Hooking!


  1. Wonderful you are making this for your grandmother. I've had a great visit here and will follow from here on. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Clara! I'm so glad you're enjoying my posts, great to have you as a follower :o)

  3. I too have a grandma who use to make things, but is unable to now. Her hands are to arthritic to anymore (she says her hands are "to old to work"). She made a gorgeous afghan for every girl in my family, save two. This post makes me want to go make this for her :)