Wow, time seems to be picking up pace lately.  My 2 1/2 year old daughter is sprouting before my eyes, and my 7 month old daughter is changing every day.  I've been busy with crocheting, family events, friends, daily life. But still my mind was not being challenged enough, so I've been teaching myself to knit over the last week.  A few years ago, right before my first daughter was born, my paternal grandmother was being moved in to a senior's home and had to get rid of a lot of things.  So she gave me a collection of her knitting needles and craft books, a little bit of yarn.  And some knick knacks that I had always admired as a child.  Not until this last week was I able to actually do anything beyond casting on.  This means such a great deal to me to be able to use her needles.  The same needles that she herself had used over the years.  And when my girls are bigger, they are learning how to do both knitting and crocheting, I'll make sure of it!  I was always playing with string from as young as I can remember, starting with friendship bracelets, dream catchers, beaded necklaces, hemp necklaces and bracelets, cross stitch, crochet and now knitting. I feel pretty damn good right about now.

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