Goodbye Grandma and the Quest for the Purple Hook

Hello everyone, sorry to be gone for almost an entire month eeek!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Happy New Year to you, I'm sure 2010 will be much better for everyone.  Sooooo awhile back I had posted about my paternal grandmother who gave me some of her knitting needles and yarn, etc.  Well, unfortunately she ended up passing away on December 15.  She had fallen ill in autumn, and was later diagnosed with liver failure and pancreatic cancer.  She couldn't eat or drink anything.  She was starving to death I'm sure.My father and my oldest daughter (who is almost 3) and I were planning on making the 5 hour trip to see her and then the amount of snow they had gotten all of a sudden stopped us from going.  This was on Saturday the 12th.  Later that night she had suffered a stroke.  Sunday afternoon we left to go up and see her.  We went on Monday morning to visit with her for a few hours.  It was so hard to see her so weak, she had always been such a strong woman, so full of life.  Later that night she had a heart attack and died in her sleep.  It makes me happy to know that she is in peace, and with my grandfather again, but I will miss her terribly.  I'm glad that I can share her love for yarn crafts and cooking and santa claus :o)
For the past two months I have been trying to find a Boye size H hook.  The purple one!  It has to be the easiest thing to find.  It was at Walmart, Zellers, and a few other stores around here.  But as soon as I go to actually buy the stupid thing, it is no where to be found.  And of course I never know when I'll be going to the city to visit Michaels's.  So when my grandmother passed what does my wonderful cousin find in her side table drawer?  The purple hook that I have been looking for for so long.  She left it for me.  I have many size H hooks, I have hooks in every size.  But I wanted to start my Boye collection for their wonderful colors, you know what you're grabbing without having to search on the shaft for the sizes.  I couldn't believe that she had it there just waiting for me.  She was so happy that I crochet, that someone else loved the craft as much as she did.  And now that purple hook is so much more special to me.  I will have it forever, and I've already been using it a lot.  Thank you Gramma, I love you!


  1. What a wonderful gift from Grandma. So sorry for you loss but so glad she found a way to reach out and touch you one more time.

  2. Just checking in on everyone for delurking week and leaving notes.