Hooray for Boobies!!! *** adult yarn content!*** PICS UPDATE

**** Well hooray for web updates!  I am adding the pics directly from my hard drive instead of using an online picture hosting site.  So enjoy my boobs lol :o) I strongly recommend this project, everyone seems to like it a lot when it's finished, and it's so customizable, why not use green yarn for your sci-fi lover, some nice Martian boobies!!!! Or pink for a breast cancer survivor.  So many possibilities, happy hooking! ****
Pics finally!!!! This beauty has been done for awhile now, but I have been hibernating lately! My family had a great time playing with this before we gave it away. My brother in law was quite pleased with how it came out. I had it sitting on my couch for a few days after I had finished it and once in a while I would have to do a double take because I kept forgetting it was there lol. I really like how it turned out in the end. I almost hated to give it away, but I know my B.I.L. will have a great time amusing his friends and gf with the boobies.
The pattern I used was pretty simple, but I did modify it to suit my liking a little more. I will tell you what I did, maybe you would use my modifications as well...First off, the pattern for the pillow base uses dc, but I didn't want the pillow to be so 'holey', so I used hdc instead. For the edging of the pillow I did one round of sc, and then a second round using hdc. For the boobs I did the first 2 rounds in the darker tan color for the areolas and then switched to the lighter tan to finish each boob. And lastly the pattern called for the use of brown latex bottle nipples, but I'm a cheap ass and crocheted super sized nipples using the same darker color tan from the areolas and then attached them separately. They are quite large, but I wanted it to be funny and keep that novelty feel to it.
Here is the pattern Booby Pillow .

The corner looks a little wonky and out of shape, but I had just thrown it on the bed and took a quick pic...

The uber huge nipples...
Thanks for looking, I had a lot of fun with this project! Happy Hooking!


  1. Oh, that is too funny. I think there are a lot worse pictures out there than that one. BTW, my daughter wants me to crochet the pillow for her son, she thought it was hilarious! My granddaughter send me to your blog, she saw a hat she liked and asked me to crochet it, I have been enjoying your blog every since.

  2. I'm so glad that you're enjoying my blog! I would love to see pics of your finished projects. Thanks for peeking into my little world :o)

  3. Can somebody please send me the pattern with crocheted nipples? I like it much better than the baby bottle nipples. Thank you.